Bread Recipe Shopping List for Display

Bread Recipe Shopping List for Display

About This Primary Resource

An illustrated shopping list with items that you may need to buy when baking a loaf of bread. As well as illustrations it also contains editable text boxes. The download also contains a blank list.

It is part of a series of shopping lists available on our site. These shopping lists can be used to inspire children to use mark making in their role play. Even the youngest children will 'make a list' to help them remember what they need to get at the shop.

Practitioners can print them to display in the role play area or edit them to add their own handwriting which helps children to see the connection with their own 'writing'. Changing them frequently (using our other shopping list downloads) keeps the area fresh. They can then print blank ones for the children to use for their own lists.

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  1. Jane Parkin says:

    i would like to download some resources for my sen children.

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