Handa’s Surprise

Handa’s Surprise is a lovely story set in a small African village, with beautifully rich and colourful illustrations that really bring the story alive. We intend to support the teaching of this wonderful story by creating a series of unofficial Handa’s Surprise teaching resources. At the moment this section only contains our original and unofficial Handa’s Surprise song which is great to sing at home or in your early years setting to help reinforce aspects of the story and promote basic numeracy skills. We intend to add more Handa’s Surprise resources in the weeks ahead.

Please note, all of the resources in this section are 100% unofficial and have not been endorsed by the author or publisher in any way. They have been designed using original ELHQ artwork in order to support the teaching of a wonderful children’s story. If you do not yet have a copy we strongly recommend that you order one!