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Numeracy Resources

Here you will find a collection of early years maths / numeracy resources designed to help early years practitioners support children in their early stages of learning mathematics. In particular these resources are designed to help children’s emerging understanding and use of numbers and counting and lay strong foundations in mathematics. 

You will find resources relating to counting, calculations, space, shapes and measures. We will be continuing to add to this section over time but if there’s a particular maths / numeracy resource that you would like to see on the site then please get in touch.

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Counting games EYFS resources

Counting Games

A collection of printable early years maths / counting games, ideal for using in your classroom or early years setting to help pupils improve their numeracy skills.

Fruit and veg thumb

Number Lines & Number Tracks

A collection of innovative number lines and number tracks designed to help children recognise numerical sequences and develop mathematical skills.

Owls thumb

Counting Flash Cards

Printable flash cards, ideal to use as part of counting activities and games in your classroom or early years setting.

Coins and money teaching resources

Coins & Money

Various counting resources using pictures of coins and money, including games and activities to help children become more comfortable with using British money. More currencies to follow.

Ladybird thumb

Number Bonds

A collection of number bonds designed to help children with basic addition, ideal for displaying in your classroom to help children to practice their numerical skills.

Animal numbers thumb

Display Numbers

A collection of decorative display numbers, ideal to use at home or in your school or early years setting.

2D shapes teaching resources

2D Shapes

A selection of teaching resources to help pupils understand the properties of 2D shapes.

3D shapes teaching resources

3D Shapes

A collection of teaching resources to help pupils understand the properties of 3D shapes.

5 monkeys

Number Rhymes

A collection of resources relating to various early years rhymes that encourage mathematical development.

Monsters pattern1

Sequence & Patterns Worksheets

This section contains a collection of sequence and patterns worksheets on various themes.

Spinner templates

Dice & Spinners

A collection of dice and spinner templates

Comparing length worksheet

Measuring, Ordering & Size Sorting

A variety of resources designed to help develop pupils’ ability to compare, measure and order different lengths and sizes.

Counting worksheet

Numbers & Counting Worksheets

A collection of worksheets designed to test pupils’ ability to count as well as help build and reinforce their knowledge of numbers more generally.

Teen numbers worksheets1

Addition, Subtraction & Doubling Worksheets

A collection of worksheets designed to help test pupils’ ability to add, subtract and double numbers.

Doubles game to 20

Doubling & Halving

This section contains a collection of mathematical games and resources designed to help develop and reinforce the ability to double and halve numbers.

Half Past 15cm cards 1

Telling The Time

This section contains a large collection of teaching resources designed to help children learn to tell the time.


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Karen, Edinburgh
All of the story resources have been put to good use in our library corner, especially during World Book Day. Keep up the good work!
Marianne, Hackney
I am new to EYFS and all the planning documents on this site have been really helpful, especially all the templates.
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The bright colours and clear images are brilliant for my SEN pupils. For a lot of the children routines are really important, so the visual timetable in particular has been a big hit.
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I really enjoy putting together eye-catching displays in my classroom and ELHQ always has lots of colourful and engaging material to choose from.