The Weather (Splendid Skies) KS1 Lesson Plans – Curriculum Overview

The Weather - KS1 Curriculum Overview

About This Primary Resource

A detailed set of Year 1 lesson plans focusing on the theme of 'the weather'. In particular they touch on the following:

- What kinds of clothes might we wear in different seasons/weather? What kind of activities can we do in different seasons/weather?
- What kinds of weather does the piece of music or art remind you of? Why? What words would you use to describe the weather in the music or artwork? - What is our weather like in the UK where we live?
- Where does the wind come from? Where does the wind go?’ How can we tell the wind is blowing?
- Why was Sir Francis Beaufort’s work so important? How did it help others? - What is an aerial view? What landmarks can we identify on different aerial views? What do we think we would be able to see if we sat on a cloud?
- What does rain sound like? How does it make you feel to stand in the rain or watch the rain running down the window? At what times of year do we see most rainfall?
- How do we know how hot or cold it is? Why do you think snow falls when it is cold, in the winter? And not in the summer?
- Can you always see your shadow? Does your shadow always look like that? What was your shadow like when you walked to school this morning? What do you think your shadow will look like this evening?
- Can you make a class weather station to find out about the weather this week? - Create own weather reports using Green Screen Technology.

This document contains ideas for 12 KS1 lessons. It was created by Kerry Moody.

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