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Petition for Mandatory Sign Language in Early Years Settings

For Kathy Robinson sign language has always been a very big part of her life as her two children, Martha and Megan, were born profoundly deaf. As they struggled to lip read at mainstream school Kathy began to wonder how different things would be if their teachers signed, would this give them easier access to the curriculum? (more…)

Helping Your Child Settle into Nursery More Quickly

Starting nursery can be a very stressful time, for the parent and the child, but there are a few things you can do to help relieve the tension. First of all, make sure that you are completely happy with the setting you have chosen. This means visiting several times and speaking to the staff, as well as trying to speak to other people in the community about it to get the full picture. Once you feel like you can trust the staff that will be taking care of your child, you will feel much better. (more…)

Encouraging your Child to Read

Learning to read can be an exciting time for a child, but it can also be very frustrating. The key is to include books in your child’s life from a very young age so that they are comfortable around books and learn to enjoy them with you. This will encourage them to continue trying to improve their skills until they can read unaided. (more…)

The DfEs Guidelines on Summer-Born Children’s Start Dates

There has always been considerable debate about when summer-born children should begin school. However, recently this debate has hit the headlines again and to help parents, schools and local authorities better understand where they stand the government has decided to release some official (but non-statutory) guidelines.


July’s Best Educational Apps

Following on from our review of the latest (and best!) educational apps in February, we thought it might be a good idea to have another look at the app store and see what new apps have been released recently. (more…)

Under the Sea Activity Ideas

Under the sea is a brilliant topic that children of all ages enjoy, especially in the early years. There are lots of different activities you can try to get everyone involved in the topic, including decorating your classroom with sea life and making some yummy underwater themed snacks! Below are a few ideas to get you started. (more…)

Helping Children’s Behaviour and Wellbeing by using British Sign Language: With Help from The Beatles!

I was leading a story session in a nursery once, and we were having a few problems getting the children to settle down. Even though I had loads of resources and was going to make the story as exciting and interactive as possible, a few children were messing about. (There’s no other way to describe it: they were having fun being silly.) (more…)

A Breakdown of the 2014 Primary Curriculum

The new 2014 curriculum has now been released and although the basics are still there, quite a few things have changed. Below are some of the new primary school focusses for each subject, as well as any topics or ideas that are no longer being taught (I have taken this information from the Telegraph website). (more…)

Helping Children to Listen at Storytime: With Help from Elton John and The Proclaimers!

When I was at secondary school my friends and I wanted to start a band. We split after one rehearsal: not because of ‘musical differences’ but because we couldn’t decide what to call the band.   There were four name choices: Weaver’s Answer (Terry Weaver was to be our lead singer, but he left at lunchtime); Blasted Dawn (our drummer fancied a girl called Dawn, so that was a no brainer); Midnight’s Children (too ‘progressive’, as we wanted to be a heavy rock band) and my favourite, The Junkyard Angels (rejected out of hand because only bands from the early 60’s had names beginning with The. (more…)

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