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Classical Music for Children

Over the last couple of months we have been working on ideas for a few educational iPad apps and there is one in particular that I am very excited about. The idea is to create a set of interactive picture books that zoom out to reveal different parts of the scene, and then ask the player questions about what they can see. (more…)

Halloween Treats to Try at Home

Although Halloween is more of an American tradition and isn't really celebrated in the UK, I thought it might be nice to have a look at Pintrest.com and see what spooky recipes people have been trying at home. Luckily there was lots of inspiration, for savoury snacks as well as sweet, so I've put together a list of my favourites. (more…)


For once; I don’t have a strong opinion.  I am a little torn.  So, school nativities -what do we think about them really, really?   We have Christmas scripts for schools on our catalogue and one is called Carry On:  A Nativity but it is a spin on the traditional telling of the story.  It is a play within a play.  A teacher leads the rehearsal for the nativity play with all of the usual issues that arise.  So the story is told but in the familiar setting of school. (more…)

The Raspberry Pi – A Computer for Only £24!

The amount of technology available to this generation is staggering and children today have more access to computers than ever before. The Raspberry Pi Foundation want continue this learning journey, and make sure that ALL children in the developed AND developing world have the opportunity to use computer technology and understand how it works, which is why they have created a revolutionary computer called the Raspberry Pi. (more…)

Original Thought or ‘Magpied’ Ideas?

I often listen to songs playing on the radio and suddenly recognise a phrase or riff that sounds suspiciously like something from another song. Then my teenage children point out that this is deliberate and use words like sampling, loops and breaks to try and explain this genre to me. My own son suddenly started listening to classical music, which delighted me…and then he took samples from grand symphonies and formed hip hop beats around them, creating something new and exciting. (more…)

Summer-Born School Admissions

I didn't realise that there would be a problem in starting my son in reception the term after his fifth birthday, after all that is compulsory school age and reception is primarily defined as being a class for five-year-olds. (more…)

Review of ‘Max the Champion’ – An Inclusive Storybook

Do you remember a few years ago when there was a fashion for books about disabilities? They had snappy titles such as My Sister has a Visual Impairment.  You could be sure of finding them on the library shelf because they were not popular with young readers.  Then there was the 'books as therapy' genre.  These had straplines such as, 'a story for children who have Anger Management Issues'. They weren't best sellers either.   (more…)

Five Ways to Get Your Pupils Interested In Science

Is it a well-known fact that we learn more effectively when we’re intrinsically motivated to learn. And this applies even more so to children who are naturally curious from a young age about the world around them. So it’s important that as teachers, we tap into this when conducting our lessons. If the kids aren’t interested, they won’t retain the information you give them.   (more…)

The Value of Storytelling

It was a terrific honour for me a few weeks back to get nominated for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award 2014. This is an international award that is open to children’s writers and children’s illustrators and also to oral storytellers. Based in Sweden, it’s the biggest such award in the world and, of course, it was set up in memory of the creator of Pippi Longstocking who also wrote many other now-classic children’s tales. (more…)

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