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Phonic Street: The First Review

The following is a review for our first app - Phonic Street by one of our independent testers Alex Bacon...   Phonic Street begins with two children (Millie and Mike) sitting on their tandem ready to go on a learning adventure. Throughout Phonic Street Mille and Mike visit several different characters that work on the street and they help them out with different tasks. (more…)

A thank you to everyone who helped test the app!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the people who advised on the creation of our first app: Phonic Street. We had a lot of great advice from experienced early years professionals during the design stage and we were very fortunate to find several volunteers to help us test a working proto type of the game a couple of weeks ago. (more…)

An overview of our first app: Phonic Street

As I explained in my last post we are about to launch our first app on the 8th Dec! In preparation I thought I’d provide an overview of each of the game’s 7 levels.   The game is set on a busy high street and the aim is to help the main characters Millie and Mike (who ride a tandem bike) to complete certain tasks designed to develop phonic awareness. (more…)

Our first ipad app due for release on Dec 8th!

We have some exciting news….'Phonic Street' our first ipad app has just been approved by apple and is scheduled for release on the 8th of December.   It’s a phonics revision app for children who are towards the end of the letters and sounds programme. There are 7 levels (the first 2 are completely FREE) and each one addresses a particular set of skills outlined in the letters and sounds programme (although it is equally as relevant to other synthetic phonic teaching programmes). (more…)

Mumsnet Campaign: ‘This is My Child’

The Mumsnet #ThisIsMyChild campaign that’s been running since the summer, is still going strong. The idea of this campaign is to encourage support for parents who have children with special needs and disabilities rather than, for example, judging the mother whose child is having a meltdown, or stare openly at the child in a wheelchair without considering how you might be making them feel. (more…)

Helping Children with Learning Difficulties by Finding the ‘Right Key’

I watched with interest the programme about ABA on BBC’s Channel 4 on November 6th.  My daughter trained as an ABA tutor and so I knew a bit about it already. The part which interested me in particular was where they showed a very young boy who wouldn’t eat anything except for a handful of various similar foods. He had been diagnosed as having autism. (more…)

Teaching Chinese the Easy Way

I have just been interviewing KS1 teachers at RJ Mitchell Primary School in Essex. They are teaching Mandarin, using resources from a company called Dragons in Europe. These include books, an online portal and activities packs. (more…)

Espresso Coding – A New (and Simple!) Way to Teach Computer Coding

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog article about a new piece of hardware that I was very impressed with called the Raspberry Pi, which is essentially an exposed motherboard with the processing capability of an iPhone 3, and available to buy for only £24. All you have to do it plug in a TV screen and a mouse and you have a ready-to-use computer. Amazing! (more…)

In Defence of Carrie and David Grant’s ‘Pop Shop’…

I love music. All sorts. My roots are fairly rock based but I love good music from all genres.  It has featured heavily in my life and my appreciation started at a very young age.  I have been fortunate enough to forge a career which currently sees me working as a music specialist in a large primary school in Surrey as well as writing music for young people with my wife.  As ‘My first rock band’ we create music which is suitable for young people to listen to but hopefully their parents will enjoy as well. (more…)

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The bright colours and clear images are brilliant for my SEN pupils. For a lot of the children routines are really important, so the visual timetable in particular has been a big hit.
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I really enjoy putting together eye-catching displays in my classroom and ELHQ always has lots of colourful and engaging material to choose from.
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I am new to EYFS and all the planning documents on this site have been really helpful, especially all the templates.
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All of the story resources have been put to good use in our library corner, especially during World Book Day. Keep up the good work!
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As an NQT this site has been a lifesaver. The resources have saved me loads of time and the forest school activities have been particularly useful. Thanks!