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Just Because a Child CAN does it mean they SHOULD?

A young mum proudly told me that her 18 month old son was really clever and ready for nursery. She sat him in front of the iPad and he promptly demonstrated how he could touch the screen and get the right answers. However, mum pointed out that he quickly got bored so knew how to change the programme to something else. I tried to look pleased for her while maintaining an expression of slight concern so that I could gently lead her to contemplate other possibilities.   (more…)

Malorie Blackman as the New Children’s Laureate

On 3rd June Waterstones announced the new children’s laureate as Malorie Blackman, author of the award winning series Noughts and Crosses. She takes over the responsibility from Julia Donaldson, author of the well-loved children’s story The Gruffalo, and will retain the title for 2 years. (more…)

The Perfect First Aid Kit for Children

Caring for young children can be anxious making it can be hard to be responsible for the safety of many young children that are unaware of their actions. That's why it's important to have well-stocked and easily accessible first aid kit. It might even be worth doing a first aid course from a place like First Aid Management. (more…)

BRCA Gene Mutation: Angelina Jolie’s Fight Against Cancer

 With the world still in shock over Angeline Jolie’s revelation that she recently underwent a double mastectomy as a pre-emptive strike against breast cancer, it’s no wonder that the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes have been in the news a lot lately. For those of you who still aren’t quite sure what these genes actually are, this is what the National Cancer Institute says about them:


Do Tomatoes Grow Underground? – Children’s Misconceptions about the Origins of Food

Today is the beginning of the British Nutrition Foundations (BNF) week-long, nationwide campaign for healthy eating in schools and nurseries. This comes after shocking statistics were published by the BNF about children's understanding about the origins of vegetables and other food stuffs. Below are some of the results from the BNF poll (BBC, 2013). (more…)

“Cod in a Landslide” – Helping Children Make Sense of Strange Situations (and Improving Register Times)

We all mishear song lyrics. Some pop singers are particularly difficult to understand, but we try and make sense of them anyway. Can you identify the following misheard lyrics? (Answers at the bottom of the blog).   (more…)

How to Interpret and Control Behaviour

This article takes a light hearted look at the serious subject of behaviour, terms used to describe children’s behaviour, ways of ‘controlling’ behaviour and the importance of correctly interpreting it. (more…)

Obesity: A Child’s Perspective

How young children see the world is a direct reflection of the views of adults and society as a whole, as this is who they have taken their cues from. Children learn by example, so if they learn that it is accepted to hold prejudices against people different from themselves then that is what they will believe is right. A recent study has shown that the nationwide prejudice of overweight people has filtered down through society into the next generation, leaving young children believing that if you are fat your chance of being successful and popular are considerably decreased (BBC, 2013). (more…)

BuyaGift Young Authors Creative Writing Competition

Do you think that you have the next J K Rowling quietly scribbling away at the back of your classroom? Or the next Roald Dahl inventing a new set of fantastical characters? If so, then you may be interested in this creative writing competition for children under 10. (more…)

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The bright colours and clear images are brilliant for my SEN pupils. For a lot of the children routines are really important, so the visual timetable in particular has been a big hit.
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As an NQT this site has been a lifesaver. The resources have saved me loads of time and the forest school activities have been particularly useful. Thanks!
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