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Counting Games | Free Early Learning Resources for Teachers

Here you will find a collection of maths games and counting cards, all suitable for EYFS and KS1. We also have a great selection of counting board games on a variety of different popular themes, including piratesouter space and ‘under the sea’, which are perfect for encouraging young children to practice their counting skills in a fun and engaging way.

Please note, if you’re looking for related teaching ideas and help planning lessons we have an extensive range of maths planning documents, as well as a comprehensive numeracy section.

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10 Green Bottle Cards

A set of 10 green bottle cards.

Christmas Board Game

A festive board game, ideal to use at Christmas time to encourage basic counting skills

Coin Spinners

A set of 10 coin spinners – great for coin matching / counting games.

Counting Dominoes

A set of counting dominos using a selection of vamiliar pictures to represent numbers 1 -20.

Countingo Bingo

A set of bingo cards using a selection of familiar images to represent numbers 1 -20.

Dice Templates

A set of 4 different dice templates, featuring numbers 1 to 6 in dots and digits.

Dice Template

Early Years Numeracy Activities

A collection of activities and ideas that can be used to promote, develop and reinforce numeracy skills.

Editable Dice Templates

A set of 3 blank dice templates: includes a colour, black and white and greyscale versions.


Forward and Back Dice Template

An innovative dice template that features numbers 1-3 (forward and back).


Forward and Back Spinner Template

An innovative spinner template that features numbers 1-3 (forward and back).


Halloween Board Game

Halloween themed board game ideal to encourage children to develop basic numeracy skills in a fun and engaging way.

Kite Maze Puzzle

A problem solving kite themed maze puzzle designed by Sophie Egler.