Dice Templates

Dice Templates

About This Primary Resource

A set of 4 different dice templates, featuring numbers 1 to 6 in dots and digits. Also includes a die that only includes numbers 1 and as well as another die that only includes numbers 1-3. These are ideal to use with children who are learning to make simple additions. They are ideal to use as part of simple maths games, including the various numeracy board games we have available to download for free on site.

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  1. diyahpus says:

    this is exactly what i need for my class. thanks a lot

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Kïds will find it fun to learn through this kind of amazing activities

  3. Chrisna says:

    Love this site!

  4. Monica Lovecky says:

    A much neede tool for my class!

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