Early Years Numeracy Activities

Early Years Numeracy Activities

About This Primary Resource

A collection of activities and ideas that can be used to promote, develop and reinforce core numeracy skills in schools and early years settings. This document was put together with the help of experienced early years practitioners and specialist numeracy consultants. If you have a particular activity or game that works well in your setting which you would like to share then please get in touch, we’re always looking for new ideas to add to the list. It is our intention to update this document with more ideas over the months and years ahead. If we do so we will put a notice on the blog.

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  1. Sue Stirling says:

    I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU for this amazing collection of quality resources that you have shared! I am a newly qualified teacher and I came across this site through TES connect. I am definitely going to share this site as it is an invaluable collection of resources. Just what I needed! Thank you again!

  2. Janine Nesbitt says:

    Just discovered your site when doing a search, it is super, very impressed fantastic resources which I shall be downloading and using in my classroom, keep up your hard work.

  3. Trish says:

    Thank you a fantastic site will be sharing.

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you!!! I love the interactive games on this site and my kids can’t have enough of them. Especially 3 little pigs and hungry caterpillar. As a Kindergarten teacher I find your resources a great help in my classroom.
    Keep up the good work!

  5. MarthaPickle says:

    Thank you for sharing these lovely ideas.

  6. Blagsie says:

    Im a early years practitioner and thank you for all your resources.

  7. maria_pap says:

    Thank you so much!!!Lovely activities. All the resources are very helpful. You have done excellent work!

  8. Gillianolive says:

    A big thank you to this team for great resources.

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