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Editable Dice Templates | Blank Dice

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A set of 3 of 3 blank dice templates. Includes a colour version, a black and white version and a greyscale version. They have been set out in Microsoft word so you can type your own text. Alternatively you could print as they are and handwrite each side. They are ideal to use as part of simple maths games, including the various numeracy board games we have available to download for free on site.

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  1. Daisy Wheatley says:

    We have been writing the numbers in Spanish on the dice and then the children shout out the number in English. 1-6 on dice one and 7-12 on dice two. Very popular.

  2. sara says:

    Great idea, we have written different activities on our dice to see what we will all do next, like cooking or circle time. Then once a week we let the dice decide what order we do things in!

  3. Danny says:

    Really useful.

  4. kate says:

    It’s a pity but my macbook download a black pages document instead dice template, please send me the original on email

  5. Jo Cherriman says:

    I am a special needs teacher and find the editable resources very helpful.

  6. Saraeh says:

    Mine also printed out black pages too 🙁

  7. Peter says:

    I’m very sorry about this. If you open the document and then save as a .docx file instead of a .doc file then it should work on your Mac.

  8. eliza says:

    I like the idea to be able to make your own dice.

  9. Karla says:

    I need this. Thank you.

  10. Yolanda Martínez Bou says:

    I would like to download the dice. Thank you, they look great

  11. Semforia says:

    I find the editable resources very helpful.I like the idea to be able to make your own dice. thanks a lot

  12. joan says:

    i need this for my COT

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