Train Themed Colour Sequencing Game

Train Themed Colour Sequencing Game

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A fun filled sequencing game suitable for a variety of age groups. To play you will need to find 5 stackable objects that match the colours on the printable cards. We suggest using lego, duplo, megablocks or any coloured wooden or plastic blocks. You could even use paper cups painted to match the colours on the cards.

Once you have your objects print out the cards from the download, shuffle and place face down on the table / floor. One of the players turns over the card at the top of the deck.

All players must try to recreate the sequence of the colours depicted on the card using their different coloured objects. As well as putting their objects in the correct order they must also use the correct alignment by looking at the direction of the arrow on the cards. In other word, some of the cards show a horizontal alignment in which case the player must put their objects side by side. Other cards show a vertical alignment in which case players must stack their objects on top of each other. The first player to recreate the sequence successfully must shout out an agreed word or clap their hands (they could ring a bell if you have one).

- Learning
It is perfect for colour naming, matching and sequencing for the youngest children, perseverance and dexterity for all.

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