Moon Landing Historic Newspaper Reports

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The pdf contains three pages of newspaper reports from the Daily Mirror on July 21st 1969, the day after Apollo 11 landed on the Moon’s surface. These historical reports are a wonderful record of one of man’s greatest accomplishments. Includes a short profile of the three astronauts that took part in the Apollo 11 mission: Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins. They would make for a wonderful display in your school and could be used as part of a lunar / space themed lesson plan or activity.

This resource was provided by, the world's largest private archive of old newspapers and newspaper books. They provide a wonderful service, enabling you to find back issues by date and time as well as offering many gift options, such as date of birth newspaper gift packs.

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    Thanks I’m working with children age 5-10

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    Thanks this was so much help for my class, year 6

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