EYFS/KS1 Activities: Recognising Letters

EYFS/KS1 Activities: Recognising Letters

About This Primary Resource

Help your pupils to recognise the letters in their name and put them in the correct order. This lesson plan includes two activity sheets that can be used at school or at home.

The Mouse Club is an award winning education website that aims to provide high quality games and activities that will inspire children and help them to achieve more. As well as a variety of free material they also have a series of very successful computer games which can be bought from their shop. These CDs are mentioned in the lesson plans, but the activities can still be completed without them (although we would suggest that you consider buying them as the games are excellent).

Explore the Mouse Club at their website: www.themouseclub.co.uk/.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Very good

  2. Ismat says:

    Please need your great help.

  3. Jessica Hirons says:

    Currently starting to teach a small group of EYFS phonics, would be good to have some extra ideas.

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