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For once; I don’t have a strong opinion.  I am a little torn.  So, school nativities -what do we think about them really, really?

We have Christmas scripts for schools on our catalogue and one is called Carry On:  A Nativity but it is a spin on the traditional telling of the story.  It is a play within a play.  A teacher leads the rehearsal for the nativity play with all of the usual issues that arise.  So the story is told but in the familiar setting of school.

I was tempted this year to pen a straight, traditional nativity script – I thought again.  It’s not really ‘us’ and it’s not really necessary – there are plenty of them around but ours is a nativity with a difference.    We were asked by a teacher friend for a Christmas script that could be performed in a church  – we don’t have one.  Is it bad that we don’t have a Christmas script suitable for a Church performance?

Anyway, my question is:  Should we see the end of the traditional nativity in primary schools?

I don’t know.

Are we indoctrinating future generations by making them dress up as sheep, wrap tinsel round their heads and act out a nativity?  I did it.  I was an Angel on many occasions and I don’t think it has influenced me one way or another.  I like the idea of children knowing the many options available to them, making informed decisions about their faith and spirituality.  I just don’t know how offensive a school play can really be?

I have actually come to really value the school nativity AND the carol service in the church and anything else that makes me nostalgic and emotional.  I love hearing children singing in groups and these are great opportunities for this to happen.  For me, it marks the beginning of Christmas and I love it.

Is it really unwise for schools to choose a traditional nativity?  Are they alienating pupils and parents?  That is obviously something to be avoided.  Perhaps it is better to choose a Christmas themed play?  Answers on a Christmassy postcard please.

Ultimately, you can’t please all of the people all of the time, I suppose.  I’m just glad I am not the decision maker in a school!

Angela and Andrew Scullin started Lucky Bucket Productions when they realised there is a shortage of good material for young performers, now they provide schools and theatre groups across the country with original shows for performance.

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