Cars and Car Parts Photo Pack

Cars and Car Parts Photo Pack

About This Primary Resource

A collection of 28 photographs featuring a variety of different images associated with cars and mechanics. This photo pack includes photographs of a variety of different kinds of cars, as well as scenes typically associated with a mechanic, such as tools or car parts. These photographs are ideal to use as part of your Vehicles topic. You might also be interested in our vehicles book list and vehicles photo pack .

The photos used are not the copyright of Early Learning HQ and are shared under the creative commons license. The document contains attribution to the original authors.

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  1. paula says:

    Hi, I’m just downloading some of the photo packs as I’m putting together a display for the outside area where the very youngest children play (3-18 months) to stimulate chat. I’m trying to find pictures to match some of the earliest words our babies use- have found quite a few here but still looking for others! Thanks

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