Superhero Colour Sequencing Game

Superhero Colour Sequencing Game

About This Primary Resource

This is a superhero themed game designed to help children build their matching and sequencing skills, as well as reinforce recognition of colours. It is suitable to play with a range of age groups.

To play you will also need stackable objects matching the 5 colours featured on the cards which are given to each player. These are not provided but you can use things such as 1) Lego, duplo or megablocks.
2) Coloured wooden or plastic blocks.
3) Paper cups painted to match the colours on the cards
You may think of other suitable objects - the key is they must be able to stack.

Each player must attempt to match the the colour sequence depicted on the cards. They must also look at the direction of the arrow on their card to see if the objects must be placed in a horizontal or vertical line. The first player to recreate the sequence successfully must shout out an agreed word or clap their hands. There are 48 cards in total within the download although you may decide not to use all of them.

Further instructions instructions are provided within the download.

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