Robot Colour Sequencing Game

Robot Colour Sequencing Game

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This is a great for helping children practice sequencing and matching but it's also a really fun family game. It can be played with children aged 3 plus although it could be used with younger ones with a little extra help and guidance. In addition to the download you will also need some lego or wooden blocks that match the colours on the cards to give to each player.

To play, shuffle the robot cards and place face down on the table. As soon as one of the players turns over the card at the top of the deck all players must try to recreate the sequence of the colours depicted on the card as quickly as they can. They do this by putting their blocks / lego in the same colour order. They must also take into account whether the blocks should be put side by side or stacked on top of each other (as illustrated by the direction of the arrow on the cards).

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