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Find The Conker Treasure Hunt Game

Find The Conker Treasure Hunt Game

About This Primary Resource

A fun scavenger hunt game to play during the autumn term.

-How to play

Cut out the cards and spread a large collection of conkers / conker cases to match each card around the environment inside or out. Children could be given their own card / cards to find the matching conker or they could look for them as part of a group. Make sure you have at least 3 conkers to match the description on each card. If the description says a conker with holes in, you can make holes with a drill or bradawl yourself. If you can’t find a nibbled conker you could improvise by using a bull nosed pliers.

Another option to scattering the conkers around in advance is for you to take the children with you for a walk around the environment with the bag of conkers and as you hide/place the conkers, describe the conker if it has a particular characteristic and where you are putting it using positional language such as inside, outside, beside, in, under, behind. Either give each child a different card to find a matching conker or show all the children the same card and see who is the first to find a matching conker.

If they find a winning conker they can put it under their initial chalked on the floor with the card next to it or they could keep the card and add the conker to a line of winning ones. If you cannot chalk on the ground then you could get children to decorate a pebble or wood slice to use as a marker. At the end of the game you can model counting the winning number of conkers by touching each one as you count with the children counting along with you.

The conkers could also be put in the sensory tray with the cards and children could be encouraged to find conkers to match the cards

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