1)’O’clock’ Telling The Time Resource Pack

Telling the Time Resource Pack: O’clock

About This Primary Resource

This is a collection of resources designed to help teach children to tell the time. It focuses on o’clock times however we also have similar packs covering half-past, quarter past, quarter to, mixed times and digital clocks available to download on our website.
The following resources contained in this download:
- Analogue and digital o’clock A4 mat
- Analogue and digital o’clock dominoes
- Analogue and digital o’clock times bingo
- Analogue o’clock time fan
- Digital and analogue o’clock loop cards
- O’clock 15cm cards
- O’clock analogue and digital time posters
- O’clock and half past loop cards
- O’clock blank faces flashcards
- O’clock dominoes
- O’clock loop cards
- O’clock picture flash cards
- O’clock playdough mats
- O’clock time posters
- O’clock times bingo
- Telling the time matching flashcards

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  1. Delphine says:

    really good resources

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