Autumn Treasure Hunt Game

Autumn Treasure Hunt Game

About This Primary Resource

An autumn themed treasure / scavenger hunt game, ideal to get children outside exploring the natural world and using all of their senses. It could be used on an outing to a forest / park or within your school or early years setting. If you are using it in your own setting you may need to bring in collections of conkers, acorns, twigs etc to supplement what's in your environment. You could hide photos of squirrels and other woodland animals / insects in the outside environment (we have an autumn themed photo pack that might help with this). The children should not be encouraged to collect live insects or pick live flowers but if possible to take photos of them when they are found.

You could also send the scavenger hunt home with the children to encourage parents to help them find things (taking photos of the things that they find).

The download includes a version with editable text boxes in case you wanted to translate into a different language or alter the text in any way.

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