Early Years Maths: Sorting Objects into Baskets

Early Years Maths: Sorting Objects into Baskets

About This Primary Resource

A maths activity from NRICH about sorting objects into different baskets according to colour, shape, size etc. This activity acts as a great starter activity for discussing the positioning and spatial properties of objects, how to keep a record for what we have done in maths (i.e. record tables) and of course, sharing.

This lesson plan has been kindly shared with us by NRICH, a mathematics project set up by Cambridge University which provide support for those either teaching or learning maths. NRich is run by a group of qualified teachers who work in partnership with teachers and schools to help develop mathematical thinking and problem solving skills. To find out more about NRICH , or to download more high quality lesson plans, go to their website: www.nrich.maths.org/frontpage.

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  1. Caroline Munro says:

    I’m a EYP based in a school in Edinburgh looking for new ideas for maths activities in the early level. Thanks

  2. aynur korkmaz says:

    it is really helpful to share ideas and resources for lessons

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