2 Year Old Check Development Matters Statements

2 Year Old Check Development Matters Statements

About This Primary Resource

A really useful document containing the key development matters statements for the prime areas (16-26 months, 22-36 months) to be used in the 2 year old check. The information contained in this resource has been taken directly from The British Association for Early Childhood Education and no alterations have been made, it has simple been condensed into one document. It focuses on the 16-26 and 22-36 months age brackets as these are the most relevant for the 2 year old check. They have been set out on one page so you can easily gauge which category best describes a particular child’s development.

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  1. Evie Roberts says:

    I only started teaching very recently, so this has been really useful.

  2. Josie says:

    Love these resources. They fit perfectly into my setting .

  3. aneth says:

    This will help a lot. Thanks

  4. nisreen yahya says:

    it seems that i came to the right place 🙂

  5. Patricia jetevu says:

    I am interested in this because of the early class in my school and am still learning.

  6. Stephanie Bayfield says:

    This looks to be a useful guide on the 2 year old development check that I would like to print off and use for the children in my care who have hit this age.

  7. Bolajokoo Owolabi says:

    I need this !

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