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The aim of the game is to help Millie and Mike complete certain tasks on Phonic Street.

The game begins at the bottom of the street and players have to move the characters to particular buildings as directed by a series of text messages.

There are a total of 7 buildings / levels. Each level focuses on a particular set of skills that complement the teaching of synthetic phonics.

Below are the 7 levels and the phonics skills that they focus on, for a full breakdown of the levels please see the ‘Further Information’ section.

Level 1 - Construction Site: Find the rhyming words
Level 2- Post Office: Find the words beginning with the same letter
Level 3- Toy Shop: Put the puzzles back together to spell the word
Level 4- Art Gallery: Match the image with the word and put it into the frame
Level 5-Coffee Shop: Fill in the missing words in the conversation
Level 6- Library: Put the misspelt books into the recycling bin
Level 7- Bike Shop: Fill in the missing suffixes in the conversation

The levels correspond particularly well with the different phases of the DFES Letters and Sounds programme but they are just as relevant to other phonic teaching programmes.

Below is a detailed breakdown of each level of Phonic Street, for more information about the app please see the ‘Information’ section.

Level 1: The Construction Site
The focus of this level is on rhyming words. Players have to help Millie and Mike move bricks in to a wheelbarrow on the construction site. Each brick has a picture on it and players have to move the pictures that rhyme into the wheelbarrow.

Level 2: The Post Office
Level two concentrates on helping players recognise initial sounds. It is set in the Post Office and it requires players to drag items from the shelf that begin with a particular sound in to the parcel on the weighing scales. When a player touches an item on the shelf a recording plays telling them what that item is.

Level 3: The Toy Shop
Players have to put the puzzles (which have fallen on the toy shop floor) back in to the correct order. Each puzzle contains a picture and a word broken in to 3 segments. Level 3 focuses on a particular set of phonemes / graphemes, consonant digraphs and vowel digraphs / trigraphs.

Level 4: The Art Gallery
On Level 4 Millie and Mike have to help the curator of the art gallery put together an exhibition by matching the appropriate picture (form a choice of 4) with the word written in the frame. Level 4 focuses on the same set of phonemes / graphemes etc as in level 3.

Level 5: The Coffee Shop
Level 5 takes the form of a conversation between Millie and Mike and the Coffee Shop owner Mrs Chester. Each sentence contains a missing word. Players have to select the correct word from a choice of 4 to complete each sentence. All of the missing words have been taken from the DFES bank of suggested words and sentences for use in Phase Four of the Letters and Sounds programme.

Level 6: The Library
Millie and Mike have to help the librarian sort out which books need to go on the shelf and which should go in the recycling. The game requires reading and decoding skills.Some of the titles of the book names have misspelt words. These words are taken from the DFES bank of words for use in Phase 5 of the Letters and Sounds programme. The misspelt words demonstrate that there is more than one way to spell certain phonemes.

Level 7: Conversation with Mum
In level 7 Millie and Mike have a short conversation with their Mum, in which they tell her what they have done throughout the day. This level focuses on the spelling rules and conventions associated with the past tense. There is a space next to certain words and players must drag the correct suffix to the word to complete the sentence.

If you have a question about the app then please refer to the ‘FAQs’ above or get in touch.
What exactly are phonics?
Phonics are a way of teaching people how to read by breaking up words into their sounds, or ‘phonemes’. There are 44 phonemes in the English language and all words can be broken up into these sounds.

For example:
The word cat can be broken up into 3 phonemes - C a t
The word boat can also be broken up into 3 phonemes – B oa t

For further information on phonics please refer to the Letters and Sounds booklet, which is a publication released by the Department of Education as a guide to the teaching of phonics in the UK.

How do I install the Phonic Street with Millie and Mike app?
You can download the free version of Phonic Street from the Apple iTunes store. This app is currently only available for iPad users, but we hope to make it available on other platforms such as Android and Windows.

How do I install the other levels?
Level 1 and 2 of Phonic Street is available for free, after that you can purchase the other 5 levels for a low one off fee. You can do this by pressing the ‘upgrade’ button on the menu screen or by tapping one of the other levels.

This will take you to the iTunes Store where you can log in with your Apple ID and purchase the remaining levels.

How can I prevent my children from making in-app purchases without permission?
Apple devices have parental control restrictions that can prevent in-app purchases, to activate these go to settings  general  restrictions in-app purchases.

I have accidentally deleted by app, do I have to purchase my in-app purchase again?
No. Simply download Phonic Street again - it's completely free to download. On the info page you will see a restore button which will restore previously purchased in-app purchases.

The app keeps crashing, what can I do?
Try uninstalling the app and re-installing it. If you are still having problems then try contacting Apple directly through your Apple account.

If we haven’t answered your question here then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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