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A collection of minibeast / insect themed teaching resources. This section includes a set of minibeast role-play masks taken from our role-play masks and puppets section,  and a variety of display backgrounds which can be used to encourage role-play and small world play.

We also have resources to help children understand the eco-system of a garden and the life cycle of a butterfly, as well as many other unique teaching resources including minibeast top-trumps, lables, bingo and a minibeast spotter sheet and photo pack. You may also be interested in our minibeasts planning section.

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‘Greedy Caterpillar’ Flash Game

Interactive flash game about a greedy caterpillar, created by Laurie Hewitt.

1x1.trans Greedy Caterpillar Flash Game

5 Garden Snails – Visual Aids / Stick Puppets

A set of visual aids featuring images relevant to the ‘5 garden snails’ number rhyme.

1x1.trans 5 Garden Snails – Visual Aids / Stick Puppets

Butterflies – Editable text

A Microsoft Word document featuring a set of 10 butterfly pictures each with its own text box.

1x1.trans Butterflies   Editable text

Butterfly Life Cycle Maze Puzzle

Decorative Butterfly maze puzzle, designed by freelance graphic designer and illustrator Emma Pelling.

1x1.trans Butterfly Life Cycle Maze Puzzle

Butterfly Life Cycle Poster

Butterfly life cycle poster, outlining the four separate stages that butterflies undergo before they achieve complete metamorphosis.

1x1.trans Butterfly Life Cycle Poster

Caterpillar Cooking Activity

Illustrated instructional sheet demonstrating how to make marshmallow and peppermint cream caterpillars.

1x1.trans Caterpillar Cooking Activity

Complete The Pattern Worksheets – Minibeasts

A worksheet to help children practice completing simple minibeast themed patterns / sequences.

1x1.trans Complete The Pattern Worksheets – Minibeasts

Counting Flash Cards – Ladybirds

A set of 12 flash cards each with a different number of ladybirds for pupils to count.

1x1.trans Counting Flash Cards   Ladybirds

Creepy Crawly Poem

A fun and engaging poem for young children about creepy crawlies

1x1.trans Creepy Crawly Poem

Editable Insect / Minibeast Labels

Editable Minibeast / insect themed labels.

1x1.trans Editable Insect / Minibeast Labels

Editable Minibeast Stickers

A set of decorative minibeast / insect themed stickers.

1x1.trans Editable Minibeast Stickers

Five Garden Snails Poem

Illustrated poem about garden snails. Ideal to use in your school or early years setting when exploring minibeasts as a theme

1x1.trans Five Garden Snails Poem

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Sandra , Cullompton
This site provides brilliant EYFS resources that I regularly use in my early years setting. All the material is bright and colourful and is great to use as part of displays. My class especially like the Elmer the Elephant section!
Angharad, Cardiff
Thanks so much! The site has saved me so much time, and its all free!
Anna, Manchester
Wonderful resources….particularly love all the new planning documents the story resources and the number rhymes.
Will, Brighton
ELHQ is definitely my first stop for free teaching resources for my ks1 class, as they have such a varied choice and the quality of their pictures is always amazing!
Kate, London
Thank you so much…this site is amazing! I really love the planning section, there are so many new ideas that I want to try out!
Emma, Bognor Regis
I love all the KS1 teaching resources from ELHQ and use them all the time at school (and at home!). The role-play section is a particular favourite, especially all the pirate related stuff.

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