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Role-play is an essential part of a child’s creative development (as expressed in the Early Years Foundation Stage). This section contains loads of free printable role-play resources that will help to inspire socio-dramatic and free-flow play within your early years setting. They are really useful when trying to respond to the individual interests of children on any particular day. We have role-play resources on a variety of popular early years themes from an Airport and bus station to a post office and a zoo. So whatever the children in your setting decide they want to role-play we should have something that will help you to create an immediate impression of that scenario and that will also serve as a valuable literacy aid. We also have a huge collection of beautifully designed role-play masks.

“Play acts as a forward feed mechanism into courageous, creative, rigorous thinking in adulthood”. Tina Bruce 

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Post Office Role-Play

Post office themed role play resources. Features a large sign, price list and various poster that you would find in a post office such as passport application and car tax adverts.


Generic shop role play resources. Features a collection of versatile printable resources (such as sale and special offer posters, open and closed signs etc) that can be used in numerous role-play scenarios.

Travel Agency

Travel agency role play resources. Features a Travel agency sign, editable airline tickets, a world map and adverts for various holiday destinations.

Optician / Eye Doctor

Optician / eye doctor themed role play resources. Includes an optician’s sign, an eye test chart and various adverts for glasses, contact lenses etc.

Hair & Beauty Salon

Hair and beauty themed role play resources. Includes a hairdressers sign and an editable price list .

Garage Role-Play

Garage themed role play resources. Includes a garage and car wash sign and various other resources you might find in a garage including posters advertising MOTs, new tyres etc.

Pet Shop Role-Play

Pet shop themed role play resources, ideal for encouraging the pupils in your early years setting or classrooms to use their imaginations.

Clothes / Shoe Shop

Clothes & shoe shop themed role play resources. Includes sale posters, display signs, editable posters advertising products etc.

Role-Play Masks & Puppets

A collection of printable role-play masks ideal to encourage socio-dramatic play in your early years setting. The collection includes wild animals, farmyard animals, jungle animals, pets and minibeasts.

Hospital Role-Play

Hospital themed resources, ideal for encourage imaginative role-play in your early years setting or KS1 classroom.

Café Role-Play

Café themed teaching resources, ideal to use in your classroom or early years setting to encourage role-play.

Fire Station

Fire station themed resources, perfect for using in your classroom or early years setting to encourage role-play.

Zoo Role-Play

Zoo themed role play resources. Includes various role-play animal masks as well as an editable zoo ticket and zoo poster.

Train Station

A collection of train station role-play resources. Includes: a large train station banner, a train ticket template and some editable posters advertising various train journeys and special offers.

Bus Station

A collection of early years (EYFS) and key stage 1 (KS1) bus station themed resources, ideal for role-play scenarios.

Police Station

Police Station themed role-play resources, ideal for encouraging the children in your classroom or early years setting to get involved with the 'people who help us' topic and choose their favourite role.

Airport Role-Play

A collection of Airport themed role-play resources, ideal for using with KS1 pupils in your classroom or in your early years setting.

Vet Role-Play

A collection of veterinary themed role play resource, ideal for using in your KS1 classroom or early years setting (EYFS).

Farm Shop

Farm shop themed early years resources, ideal for using in your classroom or early years setting to encourage role-play.

Dental Surgery

A collection of dental surgery role-play teaching resources, including posters, signs and other resources. Perfect for using in your classroom or early years setting.

Doctor’s Surgery

A collection of early years/KS1 doctor’s surgery role-play resources to use in your early years setting or classroom.

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Sandra , Cullompton
This site provides brilliant EYFS resources that I regularly use in my early years setting. All the material is bright and colourful and is great to use as part of displays. My class especially like the Elmer the Elephant section!
Anna, Manchester
Wonderful resources….particularly love all the new planning documents the story resources and the number rhymes.
Emma, Bognor Regis
I love all the KS1 teaching resources from ELHQ and use them all the time at school (and at home!). The role-play section is a particular favourite, especially all the pirate related stuff.
Kate, London
Thank you so much…this site is amazing! I really love the planning section, there are so many new ideas that I want to try out!
Angharad, Cardiff
Thanks so much! The site has saved me so much time, and its all free!
Will, Brighton
ELHQ is definitely my first stop for free teaching resources for my ks1 class, as they have such a varied choice and the quality of their pictures is always amazing!

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