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Editable School Labels | Free Early Learning Resources for Teachers

A collection of editable school labels on a variety of popular early years / pre-school themes. These colourful labels are great to put on drawers, cupboards, boxes etc at home or in the classroom. They are particularly useful to use as coat peg labels for the children in your early years setting. You may also be interested in our editable school stickers.

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Alphabet labels

A set of editable alphabet labels. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by a picture which is positioned next to editable text.

Bear Hunt Editable Peg Names

A selection of editable labels featuring characters from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, ideal for using as peg names etc

British Wildlife Editable Labels

A set of editable British Wildlife themed labels.


Cinderella Editable Peg Name Labels

A collection of editable peg name labels each featuring a character from the Cinderella story.

Editable Animal Labels

Editable Animal themed labels. Ideal to use on drawers, cupboards, boxes etc at home or in your school or early years setting.

Editable Autumn Labels

Beautifully designed editable labels ideal to use in the Autumn

Editable Christmas Labels

Decorative Christmas themed labels with editable text.

Editable Dinosaur Labels

A collection of beautifully illustrated dinosaur themed labels.

Editable Emotion Labels

A collection of 12 emotion labels with editable text.

Editable Halloween Word Cards / Labels

A comprehensive set of editable Halloween topic word cards.

Editable Insect / Minibeast Labels

Editable Minibeast / insect themed labels.

Editable label with Barcode

Editable label with barcode, ideal for shop keeping role-play scenarios.