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Sparklebox alternatives

May 27, 2011

Posted by:

As I said in my last post, ELHQ has absolutely no connection with sparklebox (you can read that post here). Putting aside the abhorrent actions of its creator we also have a few issues with the quality of their work so I thought I’d suggest a few alternatives to sparklebox.


There are a few really good websites out there offering really good quality work. Apart from our own, we would highly recommend you check out the following:





Obviously this is a subjective judgement but I feel that by using our site in conjunction with the websites listed above you can avoid the moral guilty of supporting a site with a shall we say ‘dubious’ past and at the same time you will be able to find superior teaching resources that have been designed with thought and care using quality illustrations.


I am aware that given the age of the site sparklebox currently has a larger selection of resources however the ELHQ team is working hard to catch up. We would love to hear from you if you have any ideas for resources you would like to see on the site.




  1. Jane R

    Another excellent site is Communication4all

  2. Yvonne Pilbeam

    What a great site! Well worth the visit :)

  3. Judith Holtown

    Try , great site with lots of stuff for early learners and KS1

  4. Andrew

    Love your resources ELHQ. Can also recommend PaperZip too :)

  5. Jane Heath

    Great links, another excellent site is, they do great powerpoints aswell

  6. Michele

    I’d recommend, dblk & pininterest too. I did a huge search for different resource sites when it became known that the creator of sparklebox had a dubious past – thank you fr sharing (got another site to use!)

    I think that its best to use many sources, it provides a much richer environment for our little ones.

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Angharad, Cardiff
Thanks so much! The site has saved me so much time, and its all free!
Anna, Manchester
Wonderful resources….particularly love all the new planning documents the story resources and the number rhymes.
Sandra , Cullompton
This site provides brilliant EYFS resources that I regularly use in my early years setting. All the material is bright and colourful and is great to use as part of displays. My class especially like the Elmer the Elephant section!
Will, Brighton
ELHQ is definitely my first stop for free teaching resources for my ks1 class, as they have such a varied choice and the quality of their pictures is always amazing!
Kate, London
Thank you so much…this site is amazing! I really love the planning section, there are so many new ideas that I want to try out!
Emma, Bognor Regis
I love all the KS1 teaching resources from ELHQ and use them all the time at school (and at home!). The role-play section is a particular favourite, especially all the pirate related stuff.

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