The Big Light Project (Part 1)

The Big Light Project

About This Primary Resource

Part 1 of The Big Light Project designed by Recolight and tailored to fit with the UK curriculum. Part 1 includes 5 individual lesson plans plus a decorative and informative poster.

Lesson 1 - Explore the history of the light bulb and the role Thomas Edison played in its creation.

Lesson 2 - Explore how the light bulb has changed our lives and consider what life would be like without it.

Lesson 3 - Consider how lighting was used in the past and how modern lighting does a better job.

Lesson 4 - Review and discuss all the different types of lighting. Understand that some objects are not light sources as they simply reflect light from another source.

Lesson 5 - This lesson plan challenges pupils to consider all of the uses of light we have in the world today.

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