Interactive Pirate Game

Interactive Pirate Game

About This Primary Resource

Play our Interactive pirate game, a numeracy game where children have to count the correct number of pirates on the ship, sharks in the sea, clouds in the sky etc. It’s an original game created in house by the Early Learning HQ team. It’s the first time we’ve dabbled in interactive games but it’s been an interesting learning process and we’re keen to develop our skills and create more complex projects in the future. You will need flash player installed on your computer to play this game. Unfortunately it will not work on Macs.


  1. Mrs H says:

    Great idea and lovely friendly graphics! This would be perfect for my nursery aged children if it had audio too to tell the children what they had to count etc so that they could use it independently.

  2. BusyBusy says:

    What a great idea, thank you!!

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