Memory Box KS1 Lesson Plans – Curriculum Overview

Memory Box KS1 Lesson Plans - Curriculum Overview

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A set of 8 key Stage 1 lesson ideas focused on the topic of 'memory box'. It was created by Kerry Moody an experienced KS1 teacher. Some of the lessons focus on the following:

- How have our toys changed over time?
- What are toys made of? How have they changed over time?
- To understand how toys have changed over time by looking at their own toys, their parents’ toys and then their grandparents’ toys and identifying differences.
- Design and make a traditional toy.
- Discuss different techniques some artists have used to paint toys and paint a toy using two contrasting techniques and different types of paint.
- How do the changes in history impact on the toys we play with today?
- Create a memory box of personal significance and begin a class memory box for the year.

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