Dinosaur Colour Sequencing Game

Dinosaur Colour Sequencing Game

About This Primary Resource

This is a fun dinosaur themed game that's excellent for helping children to develop their ability to recognise sequences and patterns. It will also reinforce recognition of colours. It can be played with a range of age groups - older children will be able to play at a faster pace.

The aim of the game is to match the colour sequence depicted on the cards. This can be done by using objects matching the 5 colours featured on the cards which are given to each player. hese objects are not provided but we suggest that you use one of the following: 1) Lego, duplo or megablocks.
2) Coloured wooden or plastic blocks.
3) Paper cups painted to match the colours on the cards
You may think of other suitable objects - the key is they must be able to stack.

Full instructions are provided within the download.

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