Animal Posters

Animal Posters

About This Primary Resource

A colourful set of A4 posters featuring 65 different animals, ranging from safari animals like cheetahs and zebras to domestic pets like cats and dogs. They are ideal to use in a variety of different animal themed games / activities or as part of a classroom display in your school or early years setting.

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  1. Yasemin Sandikci says:

    I will be teaching “animals” topic next week to my class next week; and want to use the pictures which I really liked. They are child friendly and can find almost every animal I need. I’m teaching 2-2.5 years olds and I think they will really like and enjoy seeing these pictures and playing with them throughout the year within different games and activities.
    Thank you,
    Best regards

  2. Mila Gaudasinska says:

    wild animals will be my topic this term. I like the resources that you have and will be very happy if I can use them in my work.
    thank you

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