Number Cards (0-20) – Number Words & Numerals

Number Cards (0-20) - Number Words & Numerals

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A pdf featuring number cards from 0 to 20 with both the digit and the word on each card. These cards are perfect for various math games and activities, and are particularly well suited to use to create a number line. You could do this by cutting them out and pegging them to a piece of string or laminating them and attaching them to the wall using velcro. The download also includes a version that shows different quantities of dots representing each number.

There are also a couple of different size versions of the cards. The larger ones are perhaps better suited to use in a number line while the smaller playing card versions are perhaps better suited for use in maths games. To conserve color ink, you can print them in greyscale.

Please note, if you are creating a string number line then make sure the string is positioned at a height that is over the head of the tallest child in your class. This is for safety reasons.

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