Phase 1: Metal Mike Picture Cards

Phase 1: Metal Mike Picture Cards

About This Primary Resource

Metal Mike is a character from the DfE Phase 1 booklet (page 43) and is used during phase 1 Aspect 6 of the Letters and Sounds programme (Voice Sounds). The purpose of this exercise is to encourage the children to exaggerate each of the phonemes on the picture card and then to blend them together to form the word. Ask the children to speak in their best robot voice as this will help them to separate and sound out the phonemes. When the picture card has been successfully repeated the children can ‘feed’ it to Metal Mike (simply print out the Metal Mike image and back it with cardboard, then cut out a hole for his mouth).

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  1. Tanya Austin says:

    Would like ideas to help my soon with learning for school

  2. Samantha Jane Wilton-Rigby says:

    my children love metal mike

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