Metal Mike Phonics Picture Cards (New Extended Version)

Metal Mike Picture Cards (New Extended Version)

About This Primary Resource

A set of picture cards designed to support the voice sounds exercise within the Department for Education's 'Letters and Sounds' programme. The idea of the activity is to help children exaggerate each of the phonemes on the picture cards and then to blend them together to form the word.

Print out the cards and cut them out. Then print out the picture of Metal Mike and stick it to some cardboard to make it more sturdy. Cut out the blue rectangle at the bottom of Mike's body. Children must speak like a robot to say the words depicted on each card (we've included the printed word on each card for clarity). Speaking like a robot will help them to separate and sound out the phonemes. When the word on the card has been repeated they can input it into Mike's system by feeding it through the rectangle in his body.

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