100 High Frequency Words

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The 100 high frequency words outlined in the DFES ‘Letters and Sounds’ Publication, conveniently set out in alphabetical order. An essential reference for pupils learning to read and write. Ideal to print out and leave in your mark-making area.

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  1. Isobel says:

    Hi I really liked the word bank of 100 HF words – colourful and attractive good font etc.

  2. julie says:

    Hi , have found ur website very useful and 100 hfw list is nice and bright and well laid out for the children thank-you

  3. Alexis says:

    Love the time your site saves! Thanks so much!!!!

  4. Hannah says:

    Thank you, this is perfect to use with my year 2s as they are struggling to remember the spellings of the common HFW when writing.

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