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KS1 Planning - The Gruffalo

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A detailed Year 1 / KS1 lesson planning document that centres around 'The Gruffalo' by the wonderful Julia Donaldson. It's a very detailed plan that uses the Talk4Writing teaching framework. It includes a variety of learning objectives including:
- To write a sentence including a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.
- To use information provided to make a sensible prediction.
- To encourage fluency in reading.
- To remember predictive patterns in language.
- To use phonic skills and apply to reading.
- To imagine what is happening in the story.
- To use drama to recreate character roles within the story.
- To remember the characters of the story and pick out language used to act out characters.
- To use descriptive words in compound sentences.
- To use speech marks.
- To order the structure of the text.
- To use letter sounds to build up words.

Created by Kerry Moody.

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