English Year Planning Goldilocks & The Three Bears Cumulative Unit

English Year Planning Goldilocks & the Three Bears

About This Primary Resource

An English KS1 planning document containing many days worth of lessons, designed to help children develop literacy skills. It is a very detailed, seven page document created by Kerry Moody and experienced KS1 teacher. It includes the following learning objectives (amongst others):

- To join in an oral re-telling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
- To Re-tell at the story in own words.
- To respond to questions about the story.
- To recognise the main elements that shape a text.
- To pick out the main elements of the story, understanding the terms beginning, middle and end.
- To make a story-map of the story.
- To act out parts of the story.
- To suggest what the character might be thinking or feeling at different parts of the story.
- To box up the story, adding captions and dialogue.
- To identify the main characters, talk about and describe their appearance and personality.
- To use a speech bubble to show what the character might say in the story.
- To identify an opening, build-up, dilemma, resolution and ending.
- To make simple innovations to the opener, characters, setting, events in the build up and ending using a choice board.

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