Animal KS1 Lesson Plans – Paws, Claws & Whiskers – Curriculum Overview

Animal KS1 Lesson Plans - Curriculum Overview

About This Primary Resource

This is a meticulous set of Year 1 lesson plans centred around the theme of animals. It was created by Kerry Moody, an experienced KS1 teacher and includes 14 lesson ideas, primarily focusing on science, art and design and geography. In particular it includes lessons that focus on the following:

- Which pet would you most like to own? How big is it? What sound does it make? Where does it like to sleep? What does it eat?
- What kind of animal can you identify in the painting, drawing or sculpture? How do we think the artist made the artwork? Which piece of art do you like the most and why?
- What would a carnivore and a herbivore eat? What about an omnivore? Which of the animals are a domestic animal and which are wild?
- What is the same and different about these animals? What characteristics/ features are similar in this group of animals?
- What do both animals and humans have in common?
- What does the word camouflage mean? How might camouflage help animals to keep protected? Which animals do we know use camouflage to protect themselves?
- What are the seven continents of the world called? What are the 5 oceans of the world called? Can we identify the continents and oceans on a map/ globe?Where in the world would we find the different species of cats?
- Can we identify the different parts of a tiger’s body?
- What can we find out about different animals from around the world?

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