Rosie’s Walk Story Activities

Rosie's Walk Story Activities

About This Primary Resource

A colourful A4 sheet featuring a variety of fun activities linked to the well-loved children’s story Rosie’s Walk. This resource includes ideas for arts and crafts activities, story writing projects and lots more. We also have a very extensive section on the site devoted to Rosie’s Walk, which you can find here.

Please note this resource is 100% unofficial and has been designed using original ELHQ artwork. It has not been endorsed by the author or publisher and is intended purely to supplement the story. ‘Rosie’s Walk’ is a wonderful book written by Pat Hutchins. If you do not yet have a copy we strongly recommend that you order one!

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  1. C Mallinson says:

    Great resources

  2. Ali Taylor says:

    A useful resource

  3. Eva Baker says:

    A very useful resource. Some great ideas!

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