Forest School Activities Part 5 Of 5

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This is part of a collection of 5 documents available on Early Learning HQ featuring activity ideas relating to the Forest School approach. These documents have been produced as a practical resource with ideas and activities that promote a healthy disposition to learning outside. They have been written with the intention of supporting primary schools in a variety of circumstances, from those with limited outdoor facilities to those with woodlands on their doorstep. The multi-sensory nature of these activities are intended to support all areas of learning all year round.

They were created by Clare Beynon, Lynnette Erasmus, Coral John and Elizabeth Rowden.

Part one focuses on the following topics:
1. Branch Weaving
2. The God’s Eye Weave
3. Natural Colour Collections
4. Tree Dressing
5. Earth Line
6. Mini Woodlands
7. Observation Shapes
8. Make a Brush
9. Woodland Crowns
10. Woodland Jewellery
11. Name Necklaces
12. Feed the Birds

This activity should be used in conjunction with our early years risk assessment document .

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  1. ethel w says:

    Hi, great work! just thought that you might like to know that there are two typos in section 4 of the Foresst school activities, under worry leaves, it says lead twice instead of leaf, where you ask the kids to write thier worries on the leaves with felt tip pens and where you ask them to laminate the leaf shapes.
    I have just found your site and I think the resources are really great and user friendly

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ethel, Thanks for letting us know – we’ve corrected the typos.

  3. Christie says:

    Thank you

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