Editable Body Parts Cards

Editable Body Parts Cards

About This Primary Resource

A collection of picture cards of various parts of the body (2 images to a page). The document contains editable text so you can translate the cards in to a different language or customise them for various games or activities. Ideal to use when covering ourselves / my body as a theme in your school or early years setting.

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  1. Beth says:

    WOW! What a great resource. I love that you allow for the documents to be edited. Thanks!!

  2. Pearl O Brien says:

    I love this resource. I am going to use it when teaching about ‘My Body’ and also in Gaeilge.

  3. MarieAP says:

    Love this resource, It’s fantastic for PSED activities

  4. satkaur says:

    this is great resource. Being editable means I can type in any language I want but I am having trouble downloading all the cards.

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