Daily Visual Timetable For Home Poster & Weather Report (Editable)

About This Primary Resource

This download combines our visual timetable for home with a choice of two posters that can be used as planners to help children see/plan the order of the day. The first poster has a space to put morning and afternoon activities as well as a place for the date and weather (you can write the date and use one of the weather picture cards supplied in the pdf). The second poster has a space to put 'things we can do today' as well as 'things we're going to do today'. The visual timetable is pretty comprehensive featuring 75 images. Not all will be relevant to you - just use the ones that are.

The pdf is editable so you can change all of the text. As such you can use your own image descriptions or translate into different languages.

We have a similar version of this resource for use in school / nursery rather than at home. You can find that here . There may be images in this version that you also find useful for your home timetable.

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