Children’s Apps

We currently have two apps on the App Store. Both are available for iPad:

About our apps

As technology continues to advance at an incredible speed, so do our opportunities to find new ways to educate and inspire young children. Apps are a brilliant way to do this as they can combine potentially mundane activities, like counting and spelling, with visually stimulating and absorbing graphics. 

Learning from play

Here at Early learning HQ we’re big believers in the learning from play philosophy. We believe that the best kind of educational apps are the ones that fully immerse the child into the game so they don’t even realise that they’re learning, and these are the kind of apps that we have tried to create. We’ve been designing high quality early years teaching resources for many years. In this time we’ve gathered a lot of positive feedback which has helped us to build up a good understanding of the educational needs of young children. We view the apps that we create as a natural extension of the work that we undertake every day when designing for Early Learning HQ.

Research and expertise

Before we start designing our apps we spend a great deal of time thinking about their educational value. A lot of research goes in to each app to ensure that all of the content is in line with the British government guidelines for early years education. Our two phonics apps, follow the DfEs Letters and Sounds programme very closely. Although these apps have been designed in line with the Letters and Sounds programme, they also work perfectly with other synthetic phonics programmes, like Jolly Phonics and Sounds-Write, or even as standalone apps.

Our Early Years Maths app has been designed in line with the government issued guidelines for early years (EYFS) maths, a document called Numbers and Patterns: Laying Foundations in Maths. We know how important it is that all these skills are taught in the right way, so throughout the creation of all of these apps we have consulted a variety of experienced early years professionals to make sure that we get it right. We also test each of our apps very thoroughly (on adults and children!) to make sure that they work perfectly, but we’re always looking to make them better and each app will be updated at some point to include more relevant activities.

Designed with love, care and attention!

All of the artwork is done in-house by our fantastic team of talented designers. We’re really proud of the standard of our design work. Every member of our design team takes great pride in their work and is really passionate about children’s illustration. We feel this is reflected in the look and feel of all of our apps.

Value for money

All the apps are free to download and include the first level for free, and then you can purchase the remaining levels using in-app purchases. All of our in-app purchases are very reasonably priced (between 69p and £1.99) and we feel that they offer excellent value for money.  

Creative collaboration

We’re big believers in creative collaboration and we’re always on the lookout for new partners to work with. If you have an idea for a children’s app that you would like us to work on then please get in touch using the form below, we’d love to hear from you. We’re also very keen to gather as much feedback on our existing apps as possible.