Nativity Story Advent Calendar Template

Nativity Story Advent Calendar Template

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The download consists of 3 pages each containing a grid of 24 boxes. On one page (page A) the grid features 24 numbers, on another page each box contains a short sentence describing the nativity story(B) and on the final page each box is blank(C). You can use these to create an Advent calendar in a couple of ways. You could simply create slits in the first page (A) to form a door using a stanley knife and then place directly on page B. Alternatively you could use all 3 pages in conjunction with some egg boxes to create little parcels which can contain a small gift as well as a segment of the story.

-Egg box method
Cut off the trays. Hinge a collection of egg boxes together so that there are 24 compartments that can then stand up. (Slightly diluted Pva glue applied to one side of a 4cm strip of paper can work as a hinge. Making sure you press down well before applying another layer of glue and let one hinge dry before working on the next.)
Cut 48 x15cm tissue paper circles and staple together in pairs. Apply glue stick to each egg box section and fit a pair of tissue circles into each section. Fill each section with a small gift and close the tissue paper around it. Include a section of the nativity story from (page B) and stick a number on it (from page A) to seal the parcel. You can use the blank grid (page C) for your child to stick on the section of the nativity story each day.

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