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Visual Timetable

Visual timetable

About This Primary Resource

This is an editable visual timetable ideal to use in your school or early years setting. A visual timetable is an excellent way of providing structure and helping children understand their daily routine.

This resource features picture cards representing the following activities: Lunch time, snack time, break time, outside play, story time, circle time, group time, choosing, numeracy, phonics, tidy up time, carpet time, cooking, art, handwriting, history, home time, ICT, RE, science, brain gym, literacy, assembly, golden time, activities, mental math, registration, French, Welsh, dance, drama, DT, swimming, geography.

*Updated Aug 2014 to include: outdoor learning, German, forest school, music, health, sticker time, trips out, library, gardening, fruit time and prayer.

Please note, it is a Word document and we have put a text box above each picture so that you can change the title or type the time of day that each activity takes place. If you would like us to add a particular activity to the visual timetable please get in touch.

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  1. Agatha

    Hi, I love the resources, thanks!

  2. paula

    These resources are great. I have just started a room manager’s job in a busy nursery, and have found so many ideas and resources on this site. Thanks so much.

  3. Claire

    Hi, these are fantastic! Could a ‘Literacy’ card be added please?

  4. GLW

    These are fab resources! An assembly and brain gym card would also be really useful. Does anyone know of any of these?

  5. R

    This is great, just what i’ve been looking for. Any chance of adding Swimming, Guided Reading, Digit Disco, Dance, Drama and Topic Work.

  6. Fiona

    Exactly what I was looking for! thank you!
    any chance you could add a Geography, DT, music, guided reading please? 🙂

  7. Steph

    lovely resource – could you please put Forest School and guided reading on – thank you

  8. May

    Great resource, thanks very much!

  9. Caroline


  10. Hillx

    A wonderful resource. Thank you

  11. chan


    This is a great source. Any chance you could add:

    Tea Time,
    Sticker Time,
    Home Time,

    Thanks 😉

  12. Anne Neal

    This is really useful. Lovely and colourful too! Could you add Music, P.E. Sharing please.

  13. kelly

    I am a childminder and love these .

  14. VB

    This is great, thank you for sharing!

  15. Rachel

    What great visuals. I really want to use these in my NE class. Could you please make one for Writing? I have renamed Literacy to Reading so just need Writing. Also could you please do one for Discovery time? That would be fantastic! 🙂

  16. Anna

    Great resource!! Could you add “Fruit Break” thanks

  17. Els

    Really useful resource. Any chance you could add one for Music, Library and visits out?

  18. Ashleigh

    These are great but could you add a topic work? Thanks.

  19. Georgina Gregory

    Absolutly brill resources.

  20. Bernice Brown

    useful resources, is it possible to add something on daily living and social skills?

  21. SB

    Thank you for these great resources. They will save me so much time! I can’t wait to use them.

  22. T Wright

    I have trawled the internet for a visual timetable with everything on that I require or a way of editing but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be such a thing! This came close but I guess we all have such individual needs and situations there can’t be a ‘one size fits all’.

  23. ES

    Thank you very much for these useful visual timetable!

  24. Emma

    This is such a lovely resource.
    Please could you add, outdoor learning, topic time and read write inc

  25. Tom

    Wonderful pictures. I have been using found, borrowed and sometimes very badly drawn versions(by me)for the last year. These will add renewed interest and a welcome splash of colour to individual timetables. Thank you kindly.

  26. twotees

    Beautiful resource. Please add Prayer time for the popular religions. In my muslim school, we have a prayer period for every class in elementary but nursery finishes earlier.

  27. Lydia

    I love this timetable, everyone asks me for a copy! Where can i find this clipart so I can make one for Health? thanks

  28. Sophie

    These are fantastic thankyou! Could another few be added for: Forest Schools, and CLJ? Thankyou

  29. J

    Thank you these are brilliant! Could you add shared writing, book of the week and outside learning please. Many thanks

  30. Peter

    We’ve just updated the Visual timetable to include: Outdoor learning, German, Forest school, music, health, sticker time, trips out, library, gardening, fruit time and prayer.
    Thanks for all your suggestions, if you have any others please leave a comment here. Remember the text on the doc is editable so some of the pictures could be given new titles to reflect your individual needs.

  31. Sue

    Fantastic resource. Would it be possible to add Spanish and Spellings. Thank You

  32. angela

    Hey you couldn’t add feeding fish could you or pets? and also stamp time as our school don’t do stickers? I was also thinking could you make a world book day one and also sports day? Please

  33. Peter

    Hi Angela, Thanks for the suggestions. I will add these to the list for the next update. Peter

  34. Niha

    Lovely Site! Has everything i was looking for and much much more 🙂

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