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Visual timetable update

July 12, 2011

Posted by:


Just a quick note to say that following a suggestion from one of our visitors we’ve updated our visual timetable to include ‘golden time’ and ‘carpet time’. We’ve also made the text on the picture editable as I know there is some variation among schools when it comes to the names of various activities. It also means that the resource can be used in different languages.


I’m sure there are loads of activities that we’ve missed out so if you think of any please get in touch and we’ll make further amendments. I know from the feedback that we’ve had that the visual timetable is a very popular resource and I’d like to try and make it as comprehensive as possible.



  1. Maria – Förskoleburken

    I love it when the reasources are editable, then I can use them without any fuzz! THANKS!
    Maria, Swedish preschool teacher

  2. Rebecca

    I love your visual timetable however i would like other curriculum subjects such as literacy, science, ICT, R.E, topic?

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