Number Bonds to 20 Worksheet

Number Bonds to 20 Worksheet

About This Primary Resource

This is a maths worksheet designed to test pupils’ knowledge of the different ways that the number 20 can be formulated.
In particular it asks pupils to:
- Draw a line from each number in a green circle to join it with a yellow circle to make a total of 20.
- Write the missing numbers to make a total of 20.

This resource consists of 1 page.

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  1. shabz says:

    Fab worksheet !

  2. Mark says:

    Looks good.

  3. AnnC says:

    Interesting resource.

  4. Zahraa Malik says:

    wow lovely resources

  5. Zahraa Malik says:

    Child-friendly resource

  6. Laurence Darley says:


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